Friday, May 13, 2016


I must have never given
or I have nothing left to give,
maybe no one needs help
and without needing something
there isn't a reason to make contact,
maybe I don't have what they need,
I sit alone pondering this

no incoming distress signals as
I go solo on tasks meant for groups,
not able to remember
what my day-to-day usually is,
when the last time I've seen
another living soul

the list has become shorter
and the ones remaining becoming
more distant,
can't help but to wonder if
this is how everyone else feels,
just a normal thing that never
registers as a problem,
complacent being far away from each other,
a place where only
small talk and bullshit can reach,
a place where I once called acquaintance
has become best friend,
or vice versa-

I've been told I look
too deeply into everything,
I try to believe it,
it's too depressing not to,
but I can't shake the feeling
it's just me

Monday, May 2, 2016

you can't win

I use caution,
she sees it as negativity,
I am slapped

I make a light-hearted joke,
she sees it as cruel,
I am slapped

she wants to know how
I'm able to read people,
how I know who they are,
I teach her my methods,
she reacts poorly and
I am slapped

she asks for my advice,
the unpopular truth,
I give it already knowing
I will be slapped

I show my weakness,
that I am only human,
I am not slapped,
but savagely

pushed to my limit,
I finally slap her back,
she indignantly responds,
"You can't use your words?"