Tuesday, March 31, 2015

everything falls through

nothing ever works out,
things can never be easy

I find myself constantly
swimming upstream,
the current is too strong,
it eventually takes me

go on

tired of putting effort into things
for them to fall through,
hitting the ground, crashing
into a million different reasons

I'll never figure out
why people are so
difficult and complicated

too much tv probably

I play the game but
the game is rigged,
impossible for me to win

I'm too tired anyway

my wants and goals are
very simple, too simple
for people who
want everything

I can never be enough

Sunday, March 22, 2015

the serious epidemic

this is the apocalypse

the dull plague,
it's catching on,
infecting everyone

I pity them

can't help but to wonder
if they're aware of the misery
that has become them,
what exactly they see
when they stare back,
if any thought echoes through
their skulls before the same
ol' tune leaves their mouths

I think I know what they see

a reminder of
what they were,
what they long for,
it causes them

so they destroy
and spread their

I thought I was immune
but I feel myself slipping,
becoming someone else,
memories gone,
ideas lost,
the spark has vanished,
as our kind continues
to die off,

must remember who I am

wear the mask while
lifeless eyes are watching, 
don't lose yourself underneath

as years go by,
only they will be left,
the soulless shall
inherit the earth,
minds vacant,
shuffling around with
cold bones and still hearts,
killing any and all
until it is

the replacements

you pompous frauds
patting each other on the back,
so progressive, so modern

I call it new-age mob mentality

sixty years ago it would have been you
while I remain the same

you jump on the tail end of a movement
that seeks not to change but to be accepted
in a toxic construct and expect applause

high-five while
flexing your muscles,
displaying new power
over old,
bending and twisting
the will of others


you've become the problem