Tuesday, March 4, 2014

and so on and so on...

my health is failing me,
no cure,
not here anyway,
stick me in my cryogenic chamber,
let me rest there for awhile,
until I recover

wake up!

treatment is over,
fixed up, feeling better,
go on about my day-
for a short while,
until the inevitable comes
once again, showing symptoms,
trapped in an endless cycle,
which seems to occur more frequently,
time is running short,
please! I must get back!
I know it isn't a solution,
but it's all I've got

futon sanctuary

wonderful loneliness,
laying comfortably in her arms,
the troubles of the world
no longer matter,
the struggle,
the disappointment,
the criticisms,
the pain,
in the futon's embrace
none of these can find me,
my own little hiding place
from everything,
my getaway,
on it I traverse the universe,
places ordinary minds can never see,
an escape from reality,
the only cost is my time,
no pressure here,
no chance of failing
or succeeding

Sunday, March 2, 2014


I feel constipated,
everything on hold
waiting for that damn lease to expire,
damn you,
you cold-hearted bitch
it's not your fault
but I have to take it
out on someone

so now we look to June,
for good times,
drugs and wine,
working on our dream,
a japanese beauty,
music with Ms Noir,
end the tyranny of Cap'n Claire
and her first mate Pegleg -still think you're beautiful-
replace their silence with laughter,
save a friend,
be saved by a friend,
so we may both regain our

stuck in this rut,
on a futon prison,
for my parole

Saturday, March 1, 2014

she mei never know

you looked really cute that morning,
I never noticed the freckles across your nose,
let's just say my heart was melting,
as we kissed each other goodbye,
all I could think about was how
I didn't want to leave-
you standing there alone in the hotel room,
watching as I walk out the door with your smile,
I take it with me,
a memory for my dreams,
I'll need it because who knows when I'll see you next,
god damn it,
I could have stayed in bed with you the rest of the day
but the meter maids were salivating over my car
just waiting for the clock to hit 8:00am,
you were exhausted anyway,
my constant fidgeting kept you up all night,
sorry about that,
I guess I was too excited to sleep,
wound up,
could have been from half the jug of port,
but let's not kid ourselves,
it was you

 the lovely aura you emanate

its draws me in,
I have no hope of resisting
-not that I'd want to-
I was way happier to be there with you
in my arms than I had let on,
something tells me you knew that though,
I haven't seen you in months
and this might be strange
but I felt almost....honored?
you mentioned that men tend to like you
a lot more than you like them,
Trust me, I believe you...
you have this thing,
the kind of thing that makes
a man want to write a poem,
maybe a better poet than me was
able to explain it with more coherency,
but whatever it is,
you have it

I'd love to tell you how I feel,
but we both know you need to fly,
and I can't ignore the alarms going off in my head,
because as infatuated with you as I'm appearing,
you also terrify me,
and the words you speak are frightening,
I can see you using my heart
as a punching bag if we ever worked out
and I'm not sure it can take another beating,
so I'll just stick to writing poems
and go on pretending like everything is (normal)
until I move closer anyway,
Yeah, I'll go on,
like you're unimportant to me,
because I have to,
because it would be weird not to...