Wednesday, January 15, 2014


it's a hell of a thing-
when it strikes,
like a bolt of lightning,
it jolts life back into this body,
into my mind,
suddenly I have hands incapable of keeping up
with racing thoughts,
where did this sudden urge come from?
days, weeks, months,
spent staring at a ceiling
curled up on this old futon
with no will to even try,
dams erected,
rivers ran dry,
creation had come to a halt,
solitude, although an attractive thought,
only helped build the blockade
to stop the flow,
it can be hard at times,
but I have to stop walling myself off
from the world,
my friends,
the ones who truly inspire me

Monday, January 13, 2014

debbie downer

You steal a bit of my soul
whenever I come around,
if by the off chance I'm feeling high,
you bring me down,
I raise my sails,
and you stop the wind,
I cant breathe this
stagnant air of nothingness anymore,
your negativity is contagious,
and I have a weak immune system,
why do I even stop by?
obligation? guilt? love?
can't say for sure
but I can't think straight with this headache,
pulsing and throbbing,
get out,
run away,
I'm sorry if I've been distant lately,
I do love you,
but you're literally
killing me


work, eat, sleep
rinse and repeat
loneliness taking its toll
but who has time to notice
to do anything about it?
no time to broaden horizons
ask a machine to find people exactly like me
it saves time rather than to get to know them
through good ol' fashioned conversation

in a car ride I see this
a sad sight, too young to be this old,
explaining to me her vast emptiness unintentionally
through broken english and body language
sorrow swept over my heart
as I looked into her eyes
they were crying for help,
unknowingly asking me to
save her