Sunday, November 10, 2013


on what I perceived to be solid ground beneath me was shattered,
a wizard, a shaman, a poet,
with no remorse,
sent me plummeting,
and as flashes of life reflect off the shards,
crashing down around me,
I could, in a way, suddenly piece them together in my mind,
clearer now than when they were whole,
what seemed concrete before, was merely an illusion,
constructed by those who would see your brain scattered,
relentlessly raping your brain into tatters,
unwillingly, unknowingly playing the part of a whore,
ya see I was dying on that "concrete" platform,
being sucked dry of life,
until I was saved by those 3 heroes,
unafraid to laugh in the face of demons,
to make a mockery of what's deemed sacred by unholy entities,
they saved me from my own ignorance,
and without it I fall,
falling through what seems to be an endless void,
falling as images of a past life remind me the horrors I left behind,
falling, looking for another safe ground to land on,
falling, hoping that one day I can find myself on their level,
so maybe,
that wizard, shaman, and poet,
can make use of this broken knight