Wednesday, January 4, 2017

one more memory (a poem for joe)

~I'll never forget our time spent at the Apothecary~

if only those walls could talk they’d tell
tales of the savage howls and roars
among ‘woo’ boys and girls alike
while the holy green tube was ritually passed
for downing bottles of suds because sometimes
speed has everything to do with it,
oooOOOo0o0o- it was always saturday night,
that energy, that vibe, the kind of IT
you could only get from that place,
our run-down palace where we claimed to be kings
while cheering over stolen pork, fruit and wine like bandits,
we were the merry-men robbing the rich
and we shared the love, a steady flow, high spirits
that could lift even the most dour
up on euphoric clouds fueled with blissful melodies
as the clan embraced each other and emptied their lungs,
yelling wildly, letting out the pent-up us,
this is a place to be yourself,
bring us your weirdos, freaks, and outcasts,
all rejects welcomed
‘cause we all needed somewhere to find refuge for
the self we discovered on our journeys to places
where rugs serve as rafts, walls can be walked on,
dandelion’s spin wildly, closets become normal hang-out spaces,
and drink from bottomless cans of arizona green tea,
the place was a funhouse and
each room an entrance to a new world,
no one there to stop us from going-going-gone
on whatever trail our minds decided to hike
creating thousands of memories along the way
infusing them into our souls,
spending whatever magic this place had to offer
until the wells were tapped dry,
whatever is born must always die,
even this fantastical place,
we’ll look back always wanting
one more memory,
but it’s time we said goodbye

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