Thursday, November 17, 2016

i'm a five-star man

there was a time I thought bonds truly existed,
intangible tethers tying people together,
you could take that leap of faith trusting them to catch you if you fall,
but when you do ya hit the ground hard, no safety net to save you,
it might have taken some time and effort to construct,
why go through the trouble when you're not them?

it's like a blindfold slipped and I caught everyone laughing,
it was a big joke, a lie taken seriously,
there's a game being played on all levels,
we only interact when we're on the same step,
if you show a weakness, you lose,
and if you talk about the game at all,
you're expelled

you're only wanted until you're not needed anymore,
I know this because I lost that magnetic energy
that could pull you in from across the room,
I fell from grace
and no one batted an eye,
the polarity only reversed
as everyone was pushed away,
leaving no one with the grating torture of
focusing on something other than

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