Thursday, June 23, 2016

the feel-good generation

all aboard the progressive party train
bound to the same tracks we've always ridden
slowing for no one who might want to hop off,
build up some courage and take the dive,
break a few bones and be bruised
cause the train is going one way,
one speed, your either with it or
left behind

we figured out the bad guys in society;
the bullies, homophobes, racists, etc.
good job! we did it!
when there's no more left
we'll create some more by repeating the cycle,
forming connections which cut through ideas
forcing dots to find points
making the line between them unforgivably

the golden rule:
go against your better judgment

but what does it matter when we entertain ourselves
with five second non sequitur videos,
one after the other until
we lose our sense of guilt but hold onto our
depression(the illness) which is buried deep;
we all seek to become the superior victim

the most popular girl in school asked
the biggest NERD in class to prom!
she could've picked anyone but she picked HIM!
she really did something great...
and I guess he's not so bad as long as
he's being like you

it was a better time when she would just tease him
rather than parade him around,
a new status symbol that uses
another human being as its foundation,
learned behavior that trickled down
the ever-flowing fountainhead of manipulation,
a strange impulse to mindlessly mimic,
oblivious to what she's doing, what she's seen,
and what's been done to her,
but if everyone's happy,
what's the difference if  he's being used?

this is a new time,
it's the feel-good, no-good,
pretentious generation,
saying all the right things
doing them in all the wrong ways,
sparing one group of responsibilities
silencing others,
whining, screaming, pouting,
temper tantrum throwing generation,
tears answered through legitimization,
the social injustice never ends,
not until we're all terribly equal,
the new voice will decide what's normal,
using the same old mechanisms as before,
sitting at the big kid's table- taking their place
through non-violent PR assassinations,
the peace generation ignoring their development of war,
launching their passive aggression at foreign thoughts,
progressive mobs lynching disparity,
still seeking father's approval,
stepping over the weakest of his sons for attention,
this is the new generation,
the feel-good generation,
the same generation

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