Wednesday, June 15, 2016

blind to beauty

the limited perception of the one-track mind;
where philosophical encounters are no different from
interacting with fifth dimensional creatures,
lacking ability to understand words or meanings,
without roots they offer nothing back while
looking for other means and ends
unlike the tree drawing water from soil who
bears fruit to reciprocate,
to give back the knowledge ingested

too much sugar-coating leaves teeth rotten,
unable to chew on the apples dropped,
the selfish is still driven to pick every last one
and without a means to carry the load they are
left to rot on the ground and, of course,
it's the tree's fault they couldn't be enjoyed,
becoming maggot filled,
inedible, left to rot,
it returns to the earth
with the help of insects and bacteria-
the tree sustains itself

there's always a larger image that isn't often seen,
mostly ignored, they are
blind to its beauty,
it's bigger than any individual,
making the short-sighted
angry and insecure,
hateful to the thought of something
they couldn't conquer

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