Wednesday, February 10, 2016

existence in time

every year that passes
I become increasingly aware how short our lives are,
a human life-time weighed against it's own legacy, an idea,
the earth, the universe, no time to waste
yet it seems that's all we do,
time is stolen but never given,
it is also a flat circle whatever that means,
a timeless idea that may fade- with time,
check the clock and another minute passes
while more ideas are lost, the ones that stick around
will most likely die way before I do,
others will have eternal lives as long as
there's someone left to remember,
dinosaurs aren't extinct and
the Mexican army still advances on the Alamo,
these impacts resonate but will eventually fade-
in time, everything does,
when the earth collapses and the universe retracts into itself,
maybe we'll be prisoners to this script, doomed
to play all of this out again,
as this all may just be a memory of something
we will never understand
every year that passes
I become increasingly aware...

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