Monday, February 29, 2016

enjoy ruling your world

a life spent walking on the red carpet
rolled out by peons who go unappreciated,
heels spotless, never touching dirt,
it becomes impossible to understand
the mud-smeared faces looming back,
their gestures long forgotten,
so easily replaced-
and this is life after-all right?

self-absorption blinds any deed
of those who drown in puddles
protecting feet from life's unpleasantries,
made as ordinary as taking
honey with tea,
it's easy to walk over them
with the rug covering their body
muffling their cries as they become
just another portion of the path of bones
that snap-crackle-pop with each step;
sweet lullaby for the insecure calloused

pity is feigned as long as distance is kept,
the illusion must remain and
the hierarchy preserved,
there's only one who walks the path
while the others clear the way,
if the mask slips then order will collapse,
causing true nature to gush from every orifice
tainting what was once considered pristine
revealing to all the gruesome, writhing monster
they had once worshiped

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