Sunday, January 31, 2016

with no fruit to bear, I starve

a beautiful grove
forming over time
becoming a home to many
interesting creatures,
some make music with
lovely howls or chirps
while others frolic and dance
to the tune being
an inspiration for any who
would like to tell their

this beautiful grove,
unfortunately, has become
bearing no sustenance,
the inhabitants of the grove
eventually begin to disappear,
the ones stubborn enough to stay
begin to die

the beautiful grove,
no longer beautiful,
old dried husks
stand naked under
grey skies,
new creatures move in
to feast on the
whose spirits roam aimlessly,
haunting what was once their

this place which was
once an inspiration
booming with life-
has become barren,
its growth stunted,
nothing more now than
a place of death

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