Monday, January 11, 2016

call me van helsing

I had two people in my life recently
tell me I'm too hard
on other people,
trying to shake my
ideology, philosophy,
claiming I don't see the
in others,
saying I don't give people
the benefit of the doubt,
believing I have a
negative point of view
being ignorant to the fact
they were examples of
my forgiveness,
my leniency

I listened to them,
I tried not to judge too
I wanted to work things out with
despite their actions,
their selfishness.
their destructive
they expected me to shed my
personal experiences;
my wisdom,
in exchange for convenient lies
they masquerade in,
giving nothing in return,
only taking,
until I had no energy left,
siphoning until I had
nothing more to

they were vampiric,
being immune to their charm
they knew I could see
what they were,
I held the only mirror
that bore their reflection,
they could not survive
in the light I cast
without setting themselves

in the end,
all three of us were fools
attempting the impossible,
they failed in corrupting me,
I failed in saving them

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