Sunday, January 31, 2016

with no fruit to bear, I starve

a beautiful grove
forming over time
becoming a home to many
interesting creatures,
some make music with
lovely howls or chirps
while others frolic and dance
to the tune being
an inspiration for any who
would like to tell their

this beautiful grove,
unfortunately, has become
bearing no sustenance,
the inhabitants of the grove
eventually begin to disappear,
the ones stubborn enough to stay
begin to die

the beautiful grove,
no longer beautiful,
old dried husks
stand naked under
grey skies,
new creatures move in
to feast on the
whose spirits roam aimlessly,
haunting what was once their

this place which was
once an inspiration
booming with life-
has become barren,
its growth stunted,
nothing more now than
a place of death

Saturday, January 16, 2016

fatigue-coated mind

can't seem to shed that
groggy morning feeling,
drifting between
two planes of
never really here
or there,
the gate of my brain
left wide open and now
my thoughts escape me,
the ones that stay make noise
like an out-of-tune instrument,
breaking concentration
even as I write this

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

just listen

warnings fall flat as
pretty words dance off
the tongue,
filling up the air between us
exploding fireworks
bedazzling our eyes
and attention is

warnings fall flat as
they float through space,
never finding their
it has already moved on
ignoring all distress

warnings fall flat as
destiny takes hold of
the weak-willed taking
passenger seat while
allowing any substitute to
take the wheel,
driving to conclusions
and outcomes,
blaming the driver
when there is a
wrong turn

warnings fall flat as
everything that could have
now suddenly
when the only thing left
is to bury the dead and
move on

Monday, January 11, 2016

call me van helsing

I had two people in my life recently
tell me I'm too hard
on other people,
trying to shake my
ideology, philosophy,
claiming I don't see the
in others,
saying I don't give people
the benefit of the doubt,
believing I have a
negative point of view
being ignorant to the fact
they were examples of
my forgiveness,
my leniency

I listened to them,
I tried not to judge too
I wanted to work things out with
despite their actions,
their selfishness.
their destructive
they expected me to shed my
personal experiences;
my wisdom,
in exchange for convenient lies
they masquerade in,
giving nothing in return,
only taking,
until I had no energy left,
siphoning until I had
nothing more to

they were vampiric,
being immune to their charm
they knew I could see
what they were,
I held the only mirror
that bore their reflection,
they could not survive
in the light I cast
without setting themselves

in the end,
all three of us were fools
attempting the impossible,
they failed in corrupting me,
I failed in saving them

Saturday, January 9, 2016

the human projection

I saw Gaia once,
behind kaleidoscope walls
sitting in the core
of all we know
holding together the framework,
giving herself
to us

a passing thought as
I look down and see a
footstool with
three Disney princesses
painted on the side,
I think
how a species can be
the same as an
projecting its image onto

then I remember
the beautiful woman
I had seen