Tuesday, December 8, 2015

we go our separate ways

those that have died,
on earth, to me,
although it is
I miss them,
all of them

I miss the past we share,
the laughs and fun times,
the connection we had,
the connection that was
the once upon a time
when we could
get along
before having to go
our separate ways,
some of them going
others with more

I don't get what I want,
I don't have it my way,
my way is loving,
colorful, no shades of grey,
no death, just life,
happiness; the illusion,
the long sought after
not the reality

I wish I could change
the way things turned out,
the dark, ugly paths
we eventually took,
direct them to brighter ones,
direct them to sunshine and warmth,
no bridges would burn,
all paths would stay

I wish I didn't have to
say goodbye,
mourn and move on,
to go ahead with my life with
another person missing from it,
it's difficult,

I can seem cold,
I'm just calloused,
hard surfaces developing
over many old wounds,
protecting them from
being reopened, keeping
the memories of pain
locked away

I'll miss them all,
those that have died,
on earth, to me,
there is no difference,
it is the same,
I no longer have
the privilege of knowing them,
nor they me

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