Sunday, December 13, 2015

toot's lost shoe (trip poems)

here's to you,
Toot's lost shoe

I didn't mean to let the
ocean take you,
just a playful prank gone
horribly wrong

thinking things through was
never my forte

placed slightly out of reach
of the oncoming tide,
relentlessly pushing
and closer,
until it washes over his
pulling them away

Toot turtled,
Turtle Toot,

it was clearly up to me

pants hiked-up,
dredging through
the waves for his
waves crashing into me
as I try desperately to
come to their
rescue, alas;
only one was

with remorse, I
deliver the surviving shoe
to its owner, when Chase
calmly and collectively states,

"Tom, your shoes are washing away."

was this insta-karma?
did the ocean feel cheated?
was it not sated by
just one shoe?!

now my shoes in peril,
they make their descent,
without hesitation,
I dive back in, recovering
them both from
the merciless

I walked back to the car,
Toot mentions how
his shoes were
"Can't find them in normal shops!"
and proceeds to throw the other in
the trash

I look back at him,
dripping with water,
sea-soaked chucks in hand,
I ask, "Why did you let them wash away?"
He simply responds,
"Fuck you, Tommy McKnight."

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