Sunday, December 13, 2015

rio grande (trip poems)

we walked down a desert path
in Big Bend,
covered from head to toe,
skin too fair for this southern
sun, blazing as the flesh
melted from my bones

we finally reached the
Rio Grande,
Chase immediately jumped in,
surprisingly enough, the
Toot crawled in second,
contaminating all the rocks
along the way with
his "Toot foot",
Pesky yelled, "Aww c'mon, Toot!"
out of  fear of contracting
the awful disease

I was hesitant,
haven't been in the mood,
could only think of
heading home,
tired of the desert, tired of
the south, this trip

so I stood on the side as
they splashed around having fun,
enjoying themselves,
cooling off in the
hot desert sun

shaking loose whatever was
up my ass,
I stripped to my boxers and
jumped in, enjoying the
time in the now
nothing else

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