Sunday, December 13, 2015

mount dana (trip poems)

we didn't get to climb you,
instead we took a trail
across the way

it was steep, air was thin,
drinking coffee before-hand
didn't help

we hiked, scrambled,
leaving toot behind as
Chase, Pesky, and I
managed our way up,
climbing, stumbling
over rocks 'til
we reached the

the view was wonderful,
snow capped mountains
calling out to me with
the whispers and howls
of winds,
caressing me,
telling me "this is it",
a friendly greeting from
the majestic earth
who is always looking out for us
providing us with
everything we need

we sat there at the top,
the three of us,
looking across to
beautiful Mount Dana,
enjoying the view,
eating trail mix,
feeling alive

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