Saturday, December 12, 2015


at this point
I'm probably no longer
thought of,
a bad dream,
one that is forgotten the moment
it is over,
any meaning or lesson
lost with it

I am forgotten,
when life moves on,
new things, new experiences,
new people,
new mistakes,
old mistakes,
deliberate mistakes,
nothing learned, nothing gained,
only the high,
like a junkie
always looking for
that next
stuck caught up in
chasing the dragon

I am forgotten,
because I need to be,
it would be impossible
to continue life the way you desire,
my thoughts, my memories,
they weigh too much
for one so weak,
easier to forget,
easier to leave behind,
easier to not be burdened with the

I am forgotten
because I am resented,
an incorruptible stone in the river,
worn from the water washing into me
but standing strong in its current,
resented for following narratives,
comprehending what I saw,
questioning the inconsistencies,
eventually causing you to
reflect upon yourself;
the revelation that made you

I am forgotten
because I got to know you
I am forgotten
because I introduced you to yourself
I am forgotten

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