Saturday, December 5, 2015


that lack of pride,
lack of shame,
lack of dignity,
groveling for a chance,
the chance of tasting
sweet glory

misplaced love or affection
blanketed in layers of deceit
manipulating the road ahead,
switching road signs until
all roads lead to them

their enemies unaware
of their feud, unprovoked,
ballhangers annihilate
any opposition with their
unwarranted compliments
feeding the ego of their muse,
bombarding attention,
offering tainted advice
always attempting to
further their own goals,
defaming those that
happen to be in their way,
using tools of villains
while claiming to be
 a "good guy"

they seem pathetic,
they are,
but they hold more power
with the strings they pull
than the rope that ties
two people together,
if left alone,
the rope wears,
the rope gives

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