Wednesday, November 11, 2015

drop of a hat, flip of a dime

she did it again,
I fell for it... again,
while the guard was asleep
she slunk her way by,
back into my life,
whispering lies
as I danced to the melody
of her melodramatic tune,
entranced by her words,
ready to climb the long stairway
of trust and commitment

she is handicapped,
lacking a will of her own
she used her two crutches;
fear and confusion,
so I carried her
up the stairs


my body aching,
my mind racked,
my will tested...
yet unshaken

pure determination
with no help from the
one-hundred pounds of
pessimistic dead-weight
littering the stairs before us
with oil slicks and banana peels
in which I navigated carefully,
though, inevitable to
slip and fall

it was then she saw
another man walking up the steps,
fresh and full of energy from
only carrying himself,
without hesitation
jumped into his arms
leaving me laying there
buried in excuses,
left with her crutches
which she didn't
seem to need anymore

unable to walk from the fall,
I picked them up,
no longer fear and confusion
but now anger and hatred,
I used them as I hobbled
back down the steps
cursing all of the
banana peels and oil slicks
along the way

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