Tuesday, April 14, 2015

the end of us

you have betrayed me,
I'll leave the dagger
in my back as a
a symbol for our
I leave it there because
the wounds you left
will never heal anyway

maybe I don't want them to

this wasn't just a passerby,
stranger in the night,
it was a best friend, 
someone with whom
I shared a part of
my soul,
now I am left
with a piece ripped
from my body,
a chunk of my mind
a phantom limb,
forgetting it's no longer

it had to be cut loose...
there was a cancer spreading
so I reluctantly removed
what was killing me,
what was already dead

please understand this.
I found no joy in it...
I did not win...
the future seems bleak
without you, the past
always looking brighter,
at least the good times;
the laughs, the passion,
our long talks,
holding you in my arms,
your scent,
the energy we exchanged
and the warmth I felt in our

I'll always miss you
...my idea of you

my burdened woman
who is no longer a
burden to me

I like to think
that, maybe- with time,
we could try it again
when you are ready,
It hurts to remember
we can't...

never again...

we built our house
on a beach,
it was beautiful,
until the storm rolled in
and we were washed away,
swallowed by the sea,

we will be lost to each other,
letters in bottles are unlikely
to be found in vast oceans,
all will be written with
the same message-


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  1. it might not be much...but the trade off is meaningful poetry