Wednesday, April 15, 2015


you weren't the first woman to break my heart,
with any luck you will be the last...
whether it's because I bump into that
special someone,
or I never bother with the idea again

sadness is normal,
so is loneliness,
I am both
I am not,
I am nothing,
I feel nothing...

only loss

I keep having dreams
where everything is normal,
we're laughing about something,
enjoying each other... happy,
when I wake up
I suffer the realization
that you're gone,

I saw you in the
nothingness of space,
radiant with glowing stardust,
you shined through signaling
to pull you in, burning in
the atmosphere you
crashed into me,
a tremendous impact,
leaving a crater which
will never be filled

I'm not sure what lies ahead of me,
it's too soon to tell how I'll feel,
but something tells me
I'll never fill that hole,
the desire just isn't there,
I'd rather be empty

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