Sunday, September 14, 2014

understanding people

you can judge,
I encourage it,
basic human instinct
relentlessly attacked,
I say more power to you,
but if you're going to openly
make a judgment on someone
you better fucking learn
how to properly go about it

people are not that hard to figure out,
they follow a narrative, a character,
shopping for their personalities,
adhering to the genre they chose
wearing their personalities for all to see
with absolutely nothing underneath
taking a dive in the kiddie pool
drowning in it, categorizing themselves,
the need to assimilate with
no depth, no thought outside the parameter,
honestly, they make it easy

first and foremost,
the most important,
if making an assessment
on a personality,
you should start with your own,
be honest with yourself,
you can't see through someone else
while your mind whispers lies,
learn who you are,
accept it no matter
how ugly it may be,
maybe then can you see
someone's "true self"

and finally understand a story

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