Saturday, September 20, 2014

see no evil, hear no evil, and certainly speak no evil

the talk turns hateful,
insult all other thinking,
protect box at all costs

 if the wall falls
all hope is lost!
keep back! I reject you!
my life isn't a lie!
all that was done cannot
be undone- cannot be wrong!

be ready for dismissal in:



all systems back online

keep working, keep driving,
keep buying, keep breeding,
keep dying, keep killing,
keep snitching, keep paving,
keep chopping, keep building,
keep ignoring, keep slaving,
don't slow production,
don't change for anything,
keep trying to fix that
which cannot be fixed

don't you see?!
it was made to be broken!
that is the trick,
bred to believe
insanity is normal,
worship killers as heroes
judge liberators as evil,
all is okay if it is
according to plan,
genocide is fine
but the murder of one
is too much to bear,
a sickness is spreading
an epidemic of sorts,
stockholm syndrome,
everyone seems
to have it these days

some people just cant take hearing
what might actually be out there,
the world not being round
but in the shape of a square,
pulling the veil from their eyes
causes disdain and hatred,
run back to yer rabbit holes,
you'll be safe there

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