Saturday, September 27, 2014

unpleasant encounters

there is a bug on my window,
I've never seen one like this,
it is disgusting,
as I get closer to study it
behind the safety of the screen,
I become even more repulsed by it
making sure to let it know how I feel,
here I am talking to a bug on my window
ridiculing it for being unpleasant to look at,
poor guy was just probably moving along
not looking to harm anyone,
though you can never tell with insects,
it could have had murderous intentions,
I stare at it making a face,
the face feels familiar,
I can't see it but I know it,
the same face these bastards
give me as I walk down the street,
this is how they see me,
thinking all the same thoughts,
feeling the same disgust,
I'm the bug infesting their world!
they would squish me if they could!
I look back toward the window
and it was gone, bound to cross paths
with another who will most likely
kill it instead of speaking to it

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