Monday, August 4, 2014

to be intelligent

I don't understand the whole
you are or you aren't,
bit of a generalization,
way too much gray zone
for the human mind which
contains entire universes
constantly big-banging their
way around the skull creating
new galaxies of thought
and infinite imagination

what is it?
why must it be gauged?
how could you even?
do we base it on
general knowledge?
grammar? tehcno-literacy?
a certificate? the ability
to conceive a deep thought?
to be literal? to communicate?
vocabulary? to be in touch
with your instincts?
primal-self? body? nature?
memory? understanding of
science? mathematics?
physics? human behavior?
sit, lay, roll over?

why does everyone worry about
coming off as intelligent?
have they ever thought about it?

wiki-that-fact, repeat,
pre-frabricated arguments,
throwing [this line] or
who said what from something,
talking the loudest offering
their opinion never looking back

I guess that is intelligence,
the ability to recite,
I believe that is what
we are all agreeing on

I'm okay with being stupid

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