Tuesday, July 29, 2014

take a shit and sell it for sixty bucks, they love it

I like playing games,
all types of games,
I'm always playing games,
especially in conversation,
but video games, well,
they have become rather stale,
I realized I've been playing
the same game,
like some kind of product
off an assembly line,
the factory-mentality to produce
the same, safe idea
for people who are okay
with being sold the same product
over and over,
no one is willing to take that risk
to make something spectacular,
as much as I blame them, I also
blame the drones who find nothing wrong
with playing the same games,
over and over,
who pick up the banners
for these companies,
misplaced loyalty, fanboy-ism,
casual nerd culture,
so now I'm stuck
buying and playing the same game,
over and over,
the same,
there's only so many times
before I have to give up
on that medium altogether,
pop-culture steals yet
another piece of me,
I'm forced to retreat,
once again, to something new,
playing the same game,
how long will it be before
they find me this time?

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