Tuesday, July 29, 2014

he calls himself the tiger

and let me tell you, he has some balls, I'm not
talking about the balls of a brave man, I mean
the kind of balls it takes to have his level of
entitlement, to be so damn self-important

the wounded animal, thorn in his paw,
an angle he likes to play, any normal
human being doesn't stand a chance,
he chokes them with their own empathy

a clever disguise, camouflage for the tiger,
think someone is pathetic enough and you
won't see how terrible they are, how could
you think that about someone you pity?

you'll give him things, thinking of him even
before yourself, hoping you can fix what
tortures him, what brings him pain, it will
never be enough, he will never be grateful

if you stand in his way, even unintentionally,
he will not hesitate to strike, the tiger will see
to your demise if he finds your existence
bothersome, a cold-hearted killer

he doesn't care about your past, your future,
how you feel, what you care about, your
own sacrifices, your wishes, your dreams,
your relationships, your love, your hate

there is only the tiger, if he can't use you
then you're just in his way, his claws may not
be sharp but his words will pierce your skin,
and he won't care, he'll leave you to bleed

he calls himself the tiger, a peculiar name for
a snake, no, a snake implies a threat, I'd say
more like a worm, squishy and weak, he'll
fail trying to prove he his superior to you

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