Tuesday, July 29, 2014


planning to drive with the
group to some North Carolina
beach/campground ensemble,
didn't have much money,
almost decided not to go
until she actually came,
eight blocks was too much for her,
I never thought in
a million years she'd come
all the way to DC

we are beginning to have
a long history, her and I,
full of classic tales
of happiness and heartache,
through all of this we still
manage to talk, to see each other,
I've hated her at times but
there's really no other woman
that makes me feel the way she does,
I bury a lot of feelings but those
involving her always come back,
not as a rotting carcass but
alive and well,
I welcome them

so I spent two full days
with her by my side,
my beautiful koala bear,
we spoke about how much
we missed each other,
then we showed it,
I couldn't have imagined
a better time without her,
though we'll see other people,
travel along our separate paths,
I'll never stop loving her,
and I can live happily
as long as I know
I have a place in her heart

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