Wednesday, April 16, 2014

you're living for one reason

"I had a few days off and just didn't
know what to do with myself!
I couldn't wait to go back to work!"
have you tried living?
I heard it can be a blast

you call me a loser for not having a job,
I take it as a compliment,
you can have that opinion,
even if it is planted by someone else,
just regurgitate that idea
from one mouth to the next
until your taste buds are numb
from the gross toxic shit
you've been spewing

this is reality,
what is?

I don't think you're groveling enough
for that paycheck,
I'm paying good money here!
how dare you not suck me off
and make sure you get that tongue
nice and deep into the asshole

is a whore someone who
is paid for sex specifically
or someone who just does something
degrading for a sum of money?

money money money moooooooonayy

Forgive me,
I shall not speak your name in vain

I will make it my life's purpose
to obtain as much of you as I can,
bless me with your presence,
grant me the power to
buy things that are unnecessary,
provide onto me food that
ninety percent of the ingredients are chemicals,
my body is only mortal,
your legend is eternal,
there is no other way of life other than
bowing in worship to you
for you choose who is worthy,
banish infidels with drone missiles
or to a life of making
garments for your loyal followers,
they are not worthy of our
sodium fluoride drink,
tear down forests,
we demand production,
with every tree that is crushed
your lord becomes more powerful,
there is no room for nature in our world,
praise our lord or be thy enemy,
swear onto money that
you will murder in its name,
that you will cheat, steal, and lie,
you will blanket yourself in greed,
for only the greedy shall be blessed,
do not love each other,
only love money,
there is only money,
money is all you can trust,
make dollars not sense,
free your mind of any other thoughts,
your mate shall be chosen for you,
reproduce in the name of money,
money requires your offering,
be resourceful for money,
do not worship any false money,
put money before everything else,
free yourself from your heart and soul
and you shall not be forsaken

does this please you? am I still a loser?
your guidelines on how to live,
the subconscious mutters these thoughts,
taught from birth and practiced throughout life,
I choose not to listen

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