Monday, April 28, 2014

have we met before? probably not.

I had that dream again,
you know, the one where
your teeth fall out?
they say that dream means
you're lacking in confidence
about something in your life,
"what are you not feeling
confident about?", she asked,
honey, if I answer that
we'd be here all night

I want to cry, I can't,
instead my chest tightens up
and all I can do is hope that
somehow I can be put out of my misery,
I see no future for myself,
how could there be?
who would put up with this?
I'm defective,
the McKnight model seems to have
a major malfunction,
god oughta recall it
back to the factory

I am isolated from humanity,
disconnected, not by choice,
the only thing I can do is mask it,
put up the facade,
make people laugh,
if they're laughing maybe
they won't be able to tell
how strange I am, different,
that I don't even know how
to hold a conversation,
yeah this is good,
I'll just create
a character for myself,
this way I don't risk
anyone actually getting to
know me

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