Wednesday, April 16, 2014

friends shaking hands sayin', "how do ya do?"

is this really happening?
the essence of what ran through my mind
as her spit-soaked hand was rubbing my cock,
it felt weird...emotionally,
something we could both agree on
as we stopped to laugh
at the situation we put ourselves in,
can't speak for her but
it wasn't a negative feeling,
maybe just too much too soon,
she is incredibly sexy,
something I always thought anyway,
but seeing her BE sexy was
something I couldn't wrap my head around,
we've been friends for a long time,
up until now I never thought anything
like this was even a possibility,
when did it start brewing?
needless to say I had placed myself
under copious amounts of pressure,
I was short of breath, paralyzed,
cautious as if it was my first time,
nervous as hell, uncomfortable,
my imagination was running wild
and don't even get me started
on the insecurities

I wonder what she was thinking,
if she noticed how tense I was,
she's not the type to talk about things
so I thought it was best not to even
comment on what just happened,
I doubt I ever will,
though the experience was overwhelmingly strange,
I didn't want her to stop,
her hand felt better than most pussies,
maybe because I wanted it more this time,
if only I could have calmed down,
I wonder if I was at fault,
did I make it weird(er)?
if the vibes I was giving off were anything
like what was going on inside my head,
then it's very likely,
I guess I shouldn't worry about it,
next time I'll be better prepared,
if there is a next time

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