Sunday, February 23, 2014


take a dip in the Pacific with me,
it's still a little cold in may but
we didn't mind,
it was our goal,
our reward,
-I'm not complaining-
it was beautiful
standing on that beach,
sand dollars and "jade stones" at our feet,
like excited children
the three of us stripped to our boxers -nohomo-
and dove head first into the first wave that hit us,
we made it, we did it,
took three cars and a toot but here we are,
get some fine mexican dinner,
camp out with the raccOONs by the beach
and let the waves put ya to sleep,
if im not mistaken
we set up two tents just to cram into one

sun up, beautiful morning,
the 5 of us sat there on the beach,
feet buried in the sand,
beautiful women jogging by,
Tom and I look at each other,
we smile as we feel
accomplished with tecate in hand,
eating canned pineapples,
watching and laughing as
the squatch chases toot into the ocean,
my god jews run funny,
it's starting to get late in the morning but
we can't leave without those mexican beauties
cooking us some breakfast quesadillas,
this isn't gabow's style,
he'd rather run on the beach
god bless him,
but the toot tried to weigh us down,
no time for his shenanigans,
we took off very slowly
and easily caught if one so inclined to,
too difficult,
roll over and wait 'til we return,
after a conversation with a cat,
the joe sandwich heads back to camp,
time to pack up and go,
but before you leave,
take one last look at paradise,
let it sink in-

-they never even used those god damn typewriters

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