Sunday, June 16, 2013

women. what are the good for? absolutely nothing.

Terrible fucking creatures.
Scum of society
with nothing even half intelligent to add to it
some might be knowledgeable
but where's the wisdom?
Too busy living their lil lives
goin' to the bar playing that
pathetic lil game they play
with guys who have absolutely
no respect for themselves.
Kinda makes me sick to be honest.
You're lucky you have that pussy because without it
no one would give a fuck
what you have to say
Terrible humorless princesses
waiting for their jesters to amuse them
'cause they ain't got the brains to do it themselves
one reality and
society has bent to her will
no logic or reason
and their stories aren't bound by age
for they all have the same
with their supposed best friend
who loves them but
"they're just friends"
it's sad. it's terrible.
does nothing change?
 i always hoped that with old age
i'd find me a good girl
no not a girl
a woman
but i think that breed died out many years ago

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